About Us

GAJAHA SOLAR POWER has been recently incorporated as Private Limited company and is part of SG Group which was established in 2014. SG group has been executing Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) projects. The company is presently being driven by technocrats and professionals from IITs and other eminent Institutes, having long business experience in SolarPV and Semiconductor Technologies.

Solar System and Projects

We have capability and expertise to manage the complete value chain for building SOLAR SYSTEMS and projects. We continuously work on reducing the cost of the system by doing value engineering of all components across the value chain. Cost is also driven lower by optimized design and appropriate technology selection without compromising quality and reliability.

We construct project and systems which provide best value for money by way of:

Delivering Best Engineered products. Controlling the Quality across the
value chain. Adopting integrated approach to ensure reliable and quality system. Our suppliers of Solar Equipment and components are well reputed companies from INDIA and Abroad.


Dr. D.N. Singh (President) is a one of the most prominent leaders in solar PV and Semiconductor technology and widely known professional in India and abroad. He has a total of 46 years of experience in Industries, research and academia. He didhis Mastersfrom BHU, Varanasi and Ph.D. in semiconductor technology from IIT Delhi, India. He got trained in VLSI design and manufacturing in USA. Dr. Singh was Chief Technology Officer(CTO) at Indosolar Limited, which are one of the largest crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturer (450 MWp per annum) in India. Before Dr.D.N.Singh was President Titan Energy System, Hyderabad wherein he was responsible for putting up first 1.75MW power plant in India in 2008.

Kuldeep Kumar (CEO) is M.Tech from IIT-Roorkee and has total experience of 16 years in Semiconductor and PV technologies across Process Integration Engineering (IC Fabrication), Semiconductor CMOS and Solar Cell Technology.
As a proprietor of SG Solar now incorporated as GAJAHA SOLAR POWER PVT LTD he has developed expertise in PV Systems, Design, Installation and commissioning and optimizing the performance ofPV power plants. He has also expertise in evaluating and selecting high quality materials and components for PV systems.

Vijay Kumar (Adviser) is a senior professional having Master’s from IIT-Kanpur, with verifiable year after year success in concept to commissioning of new business in renewable PV field, achieving milestones and business growth objectives in a rapid changing and evolving environments in the PV industry. More than 40 years of experience in the entire PV value chain, from wafer, cell & module manufacturing to PV Systems. Materialized several International co-operations expertise in Technology evaluations, technology value addition during negotiations and at implementation stage